Classes & Programs


Infants learn and explore using their senses. Before infants can crawl, they explore their environment using the sense of touch, taste, smell, grab and listen. To find out how you can encourage this learning in a safe and nurturing environment, contact us for further details.

Toddlers – Busy! Busy! Busy!
Toddlers are busy bees. They are constantly on the move, exploring and learning through play at every opportunity. Enrolling your toddler at Kids 4 Kompany is a great way to ensure they keep growing and developing by leaps and bounds.

Pre K3 –  Nothing is impossible!
Preschoolers believe nothing is impossible! They are beginning to develop new friendships, learning new words and exploring new ideas and concepts every day.

Georgia Lottery Pre K –  Ready! Set! Go!
Four year olds are eager and ready to come to school. They anticipate new learning, can think logically with the capability of using language to express what they are thinking and how they feel. Pre K gives your four year old the chance to explore, stretch their imagination and discover new concepts.

After School –  Homework help, friends, fun!
Our afterschool program offers children a place where they can complete their homework, relax, make new friends, and enjoy a fulfilling meal. Our afterschool program is for children 4-12. Children establish a consistent homework routine in an environment where they are nurtured and supported. They also have plenty of time for creative art activities, technology and outdoor play.

Summer Camp – Think It! Plan It! Do It!
Our summer camp program is themed based. At Kids 4 Kompany our summer camp program is themed based. Our children become explorers, artists, scientists and more as they discover new ways to be creative and complete tasks that challenges their thinking  Experiments, field trips and themed activities each week awaits your child here. If you are ready for your child to have a blast, contact us to learn more and sign up.

On the Go – Part Time Program
Children engage in problem solving when they are given support through intentional play environments. According to research, a child’s social and emotional intelligence combined with good character are target predictors of the child’s future academic growth and achievements in school and life. Our part time program is geared for your child’s success.